MHA Labs


MHA Labs—the means and measures of human achievement—focuses on building and translating 21st century skills of young people to enable personal, community, and economic success.

From creating the brand to the online experience, from iconography to custom tools for success, we’re working collaboratively with MHA Labs to radically improve college and career success for youth.

“Design is everything and Bark is everything MHA Labs”
—Leslie Beller, MHA’s Founder and CEO


MHA Labs Brand

We used vibrant color and elements that show movement to convey the dynamic spirit of MHA Labs. The directive components that make up the hexagon build upon themselves, just as the skills developed build upon each other to improve the lives of young people.


The Skill Building Blocks logo represents the six core skill domains, comprised of 35 core emotional and cognitive skills deemed critical for college, career, and life success. Custom iconography plays off the hexagon that is at the core of the MHA Labs brand.

Custom Tools

Tools were developed for youth, educators, mentors, employers and all stakeholders who are working to empower young people. The flexibility of these tools have proven so successful that customized tools are now developed for other organizations that further MHA Lab’s mission.

Keychain Cards

This simple keychain with the 35 core skills—color coded and delivered in an unexpected and fun way—promote learning and encourage user interaction. The keychain has been an instrumental force in skill-building with more than 50,000 youth.

Building Block Flashcards

Building Block flashcards were another simple, yet highly effective tool designed to promote skill-building and improve retention. The bright colors are skill-specific and used consistently throughout materials.

Summer Toolkits

Dreaming bigger is not only for young people. These toolkits provide resources so that each user can customize their own skill-building program. We designed accordions that unfold to make engagement with the tool as exciting as you dream your life to be.


MHA Labs needed a site that would not only house the tools, resources, and information for 21st century skills development, but also give the user an in-depth look into the efforts that identify us as humans and how the ripple effect of building these skills can have a radical effect on everyone. The site is easy to navigate, using blocks of MHA’s brand colors to drive the user through the site.