Field Museum

Annual Reports

The Field Museum showcases its achievements in science and public engagement via its Annual Report.

Since 2012, we have collaborated with The Field Museum to highlight its accomplishments and to recognize its donors. Each year, we apply elements of a single exhibition to present the evolution of The Field Museum through design.


2016 Annual Report

In 2016, special exhibitions like Tattoo and China’s First Emperor and His Terracotta Warriors, along with Drawing on Tradition: Kanza Artist Chris Pappan show the rich tradition of life on our planet as well as helping to reimagine the Museum’s exhibitions. We combined visual elements from the special exhibitions throughout the annual to accentuate the science and education that drives the institution’s research.

2015 Annual Report

The Cyrus Tang Hall of China, the largest exhibition in the United States to examine Chinese culture and history from an anthropological perspective, was the highlight of the 2015 Annual Report. An oversized annual and textured paper accentuate the artwork on the cover, while large blocks of color and vertically aligned text pay homage to the Hall of China.

2014 Annual Report

A combination of digital and offset printing gives the cover of this annual a more visual and tactile feel. The cover features one of the 700 new species of the tiny, complex organisms found in the exhibition Lichens: The Coolest Things You’ve Never Heard Of. Graphic textures add movement and highlight the science of natural engineering found in the exhibition The Machine Inside: Biomechanics, now on world tour.

2013 Annual Report

An exhibition celebrating the founding of the Field Museum and its first collections highlights its powerful impact on science and public programs was the focus of the 2013 annual. The cover image, showing a split image of the octopus that was displayed at the 1893 World’s Fair, pays homage to the past and present. Throughout the annual, numbers are used in a graphical way to draw attention the Field Museum’s impact and global efforts.