Bark Design

Promotional Mailers

Each year we give paws pause (sorry, this one’s for us so we can be punny) to appreciate those who have inspired us and made an impact on us throughout the year.

These promotional pieces allow us to not only thank you—the people, organizations and companies who are making the difference in our communities—they give you a glimpse into our people and our passions. Because that’s what makes us better partners.

Contact us. Together, let’s create the unexpected and extraordinary.


Promo 2016—Think Outside

For 2016, “think outside” reflected our passion for great design, smooth-bold coffee, and our love for the outdoors. These are three of the things that spur our creativity and help us create our best work every day!

Promo 2015—Looking Forward/Looking Back Notebook

In 2015 we wanted a piece that reflected where we’ve come and where we’re going. The z-fold notebook was bound with two notebooks—“looking back” and “looking forward”—that together, represented both the past year and our excitement for the year to come. Custom pencils were sent along with the piece to assist recipients with their own reflection.

Need some pencils? Shoot us a note, we still have a few (hundred).