After School Matters

Website and Collateral

After School Matters (ASM) provides life-changing after school and summer program opportunities to more than 15,000 Chicago high school teens each year. Its mission is expanded through a network of educational institutions, community-based organizations, and independent instructors.

Working together with ASM, we designed a variety of tools that create maximum impact for those who are providing youth opportunities. These include a toolkit to assist in designing arts programs; an accordion toolkit developed in association with MHA Labs to drive program development; and a partnership website developed in collaboration with Hive Chicago.


Design Toolkit

Building off the strength of the ASM brand, we used bold colors, whimsical patterns, and full-color photography to engage program developers and help move them through the process of designing effective arts programs.

Program Toolkit

The first in our series developed with MHA Labs, this accordion toolkit helps program developers define their mission, determine which skills will be built, outline learning blocks, and detail the capstone for the program. The flow and design of the accordion fold-out provides the perfect device for step-by-step program development in a more accessible and user-friendly way.


“Partnerships = Everything. Building healthy partnerships takes more than good chemistry and a great idea. They don’t just happen, they are designed.”

Through our collaboration—our partnership—with ASM and HIVE Chicago, we designed and developed an online resource for those looking to build healthy partnerships. The co-branded site was developed on a content management system (CMS) that enabled ASM and HIVE to easily update content on a timely basis.