Albany Park Neighborhood Guide


Our curated neighborhood guide for Albany Park—where we’ve called home for 20 years—launched this past week and we couldn’t be more proud. The global neighborhood guide, On the Grid, tasked us with identifying, photographing and writing about 20-30 places unique to our neighborhood. Finding these gems in the most ethnically diverse neighborhood in Chicago proved to be an adventure. Exploring old favorites and discovering some we didn’t know existed kept us busy and entertained. From a game of 9-ball at one of the oldest billiards hall in Chicago, to a Lebanese chawarma sandwich featured on the Emmy-award winning show Check, Please!, to a “Footsie Footsie” foot-long Polish sausage with the works, and a journey through time learning about the rich heritage of Cambodia, we were quickly reminded that we were in the right place. All and more can be found in this amazing neighborhood we call home. We highly recommend a visit.



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